Our Story

We love traveling the world with our boys, from San Diego to Stockholm and beyond. Travel evokes imagination, a sense of wonder, and color.

It’s such a joy to experience new cities and sights, and to meet the people that often come to shape our lives. It’s not about the destination that we choose, though. It’s all about the journey.
We firmly believe that. Our adventures begin when we decide to travel, book our itineraries, and eventually prepare and pack.

If you are a parent, you know very well that the actual journey can be challenging with kids, but we wouldn’t leave them at home either (well, maybe sometimes). Offering our kids the chance to travel and to become citizens of the world beyond their home towns is one of the best gifts that we can give them, and when they travel, they’ll receive some of the best knowledge that we can teach them.

Meet the Caliholm founders, and traveling mama bears, Sofia and Rachel:

Our story began almost 10 years ago in beautiful San Diego, California where we both moved to as young adults, to capture the California Dream. Sofia, a digital designer born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, and Rachel, a creative director hailing from Frankenmuth, Michigan.

After working on various creative projects together in San Diego, and building a friendship, we both embarked on the adventures of motherhood. Sofia’s journey took her back to her childhood roots in Stockholm, Sweden. Rachel stayed in San Diego, and we always kept in touch, dreaming about that future project together.

Darwin & Sofia 2018

Sofia’s story:

I'm the proud mamma of Darwin, a recently-turned four-year-old boy who has been traveling with me on long flights since he was a tiny infant. Darwin has always had an abundance of energy, and he requires a lot of activities and entertainment on our adventures. As a researcher by nature, I quickly became a pro at putting together elaborate travel kits for him. Some toys were innovative and eco-friendly, while others were disposable and created waste. The travel kits lacked unity.

I felt that I could change that somehow, both for myself and for other parents who travel with their children. After an eleven hour flight from Stockholm to my beloved California, Rachel and I decided that it was time to design and develop eco-friendly travel kits for the kids.

This, too, has been a journey! From conceiving this dream on her back porch to actually launching our first ever eco-friendly prototype-travel kit, it has been an adventure filled with so much joy and growth. This kit is inspired by our boys, and our love for traveling and preserving our planet for another generation to explore!

Rachel’s story:

I am the mom of four year old Sebastian, also known as Seby. Travel has always been a part of our lives, since we live across the country from our families and we enjoy the discovery of new destinations. A planner by nature, and passionate about creating unique and memorable experiences for my son, I also embrace a simplistic approach to life and travel.

While searching for thoughtful, educational, and travel friendly toys for Seby, I routinely found myself packing a few cheap toys for his travel bag that never satisfied his curiosity long enough to make it to our destination.

I started to explore the concept of curated gift boxes and kits for kids that would include unique quality products, creatively designed and packaged.

I love to dream big and to share wild ideas with other creative friends who are doing the very same thing... so when Sofia arrived in San Diego last spring, and after sharing our stories and ideas, we decided it was time to design and develop eco-friendly imaginative kids’ travel kits. And now, we’re doing it! It’s called living the California Dream. Or rather, the Caliholm Dream.


Sebastian & Rachel 2018

Your story:

If you, too, have stories to share about traveling with your kids, please write us.

Be a part of the Caliholm journey!

Adventure awaits.

The Caliholm name is the fusion of California and Stockholm. It's where Cali cool meets Swedish form and function, and it's the essence of who we are.