What is Lace+Trace™?

Lace+Trace™ is a fresh take on a traditional Montessori and Waldorf inspired concept, designed to be eco-friendly, engaging and reduce screen time. The lacing concept is proven to promote healthy child development. It allows for creative play, and helps develop fine motor skills and sensory stimulation. Created by two mothers who are inspired to make travel with young children a little less complicated and a little bit more fun.


What does the Lace+Trace™ kit include?

The kit includes 

  • Three lacing boards made out of 100% renewable and sustainably harvested bamboo 
  • Iconic and thoughtfully designed shapes
  • Three colorful lacing cords
  • Concept cards with scratch-off “curious” facts
  • Bonus: travel pouch


How to use Lace+Trace™?

  1. Grab a lacing board, and a colorful lacing cord
  2. Use one hand to hold the board, and the other to pull the lace up and down through the holes
  3. Use inspiration from the concept cards or create your own pattern
  4. Admire and share your fun new concepts with us @caliholm_ #creativeplayonthego


How are the Lace+Trace kits made? 

Mindfully made with earth- and people-friendly practices in Los Angeles, California. The lacing boards are crafted using 100% renewable and sustainably harvested laser cut bamboo. The colorful lacing cords are carefully sourced and made out of polyester in the USA.


Why Bamboo?

Bamboo regenerates quickly making it a super (hero) plant. It requires no pesticides (icky chemicals) and little water. Bamboo also reduces the effects of global warming on the planet. 


What happens if the lacing boards get wet?

The bamboo is lightly water resistant, but not waterproof. If you happen to get water on the lacing boards, gently wipe it off with a towel and allow to dry before use. 


I see some black residue on the lacing boards, what do you recommend for additional cleaning?

The black residue is due to the laser cutting process we use to make the lacing boards and though we have taken great care in hand cleaning each board with water and a mild soap during our quality assurance process, some black residue may still appear and is harmless. Please use a mild soap and water to remove the residue.


Can I purchase additional lacing boards and laces separately? 

Email us at connect@caliholm.com and we will try and accommodate your request. 


Why does the lace run out when the fun has just begun?

The lace length is a safety precaution. Let the fun continue by using more than one lace on the same lacing board, and allow for creative colorful concepts.


My child prefers technology while traveling, why should I invest in Lace+Trace™? 

While we can’t guarantee that every child will be engaged with this activity, research shows that focusing less on screen limitations and more on alternative activities has a positive effect on children.


What's the best age range for use of Lace+Trace™?

Enjoyed by ages 1-103. Seriously, if you are looking for a mindful activity this is it!   This product is meant to be used as an engaging screen-free activity. Adult supervision is recommended for under 3 years old.