Curious Traveler Lace+Trace™ CALIFORNIA DREAMING



Curious Traveler Lace+Trace™ is a fresh take on a traditional Montessori and Waldorf inspired lacing concept, and it’s designed to be eco-friendly, engaging, and reduce screen time.

Recommended age 3+.

The kit includes:

  • Three lacing boards made out of 100% renewable and sustainably harvested bamboo 
  • Iconic California shapes (State, Bear, Avocado)
  • Three colorful lacing cords
  • Concept cards with scratch-off “curious” facts
  • Bonus: Stay Curious travel pouch

The Lace+Trace™ concept is proven to promote healthy child
development. It allows for creative play, and helps develop
fine motor skills and sensory stimulation.

Mindfully made with earth- and people-friendly practices,
the lacing boards are crafted using 100% Renewable
and Sustainably Harvested Bamboo.
Focusing less on screen limitations and more on
alternative activities has a positive effect on children.